My Meditation Transformation

My Meditation Transformation

I believe you can teach an old lady new tricks.

I started meditating last fall of 2014. It's been recommended to me countless times to relive stress and open my mind, but when Claire - a New Orleanian lady crushing it in the business world of NYC - told me about her experience, I finally gave it a try.

It started with 5 minute guided meditations with health guru Kimberly Snyder (who I am obsessed with - read her books!) Then I stretched it to 10-20 minutes per sitting, sometimes with other guides, or sometimes with ocean sounds albums I can stream online.

It's not easy to focus on nothing - it's a practice. But I soon found the benefits trickling into my every day life. And for the first time, I now consider myself a spiritual person who believes in magic! I'm serious. My energy is different. And this is saying a lot considering I'm an ex-Catholic school girl who ran for the the hills and away from the churches two decades ago. Who knew the world could be such a surprising place.

Here's a list of possible meditation effects based on my experience. I encourage all to start the daily practice and watch your life blossom beyond expectation.

  • Be more present, in the moment, slower-paced, and observant.
  • Be more able to focus on conversations and give to others with attention.
  • Have increased imagination.
  • Have a new "stress deflector" protection.
  • Feel increased gratitude for the abundance in life.
  • Be in awe of the body's capabilities.
  • Be more spiritual.
  • Be more joyful.
  • Never feel stuck. Nothing feels permanent.
  • Feel stronger, more confident, and less vulnerable with more self-respect.
  • Diminish the ego:
    • Feel more liberated.
    • Care less what others think.
    • Make better eye contact.
    • Feel less comparisons to other people.
    • Get in touch with gut and intuition.
    • Be more courageous.
  • Fall asleep in silence.
  • Be more curious about life.
  • Be more loving.
  • Have less anxiety.
  • Listen more.
  • Be more patient.

Happy meditating!