"The Sunrise Calls It a Night"


About the book...

“The Sunrise Calls It a Night” follows real life-inspired Valencia Stone from Hollywood dance floors and tree house parties to New York music stages and the underground scene spanning 2003 to 2009. No stranger to answering “what if,” Valencia makes all the wrong moves ... or perhaps the right ones ... while riding her 20s. Bathed in 00’s culture, you are invited to step inside her boots on a reckless drive - beyond sex, drugs, and rock and roll - to what waits on the other side. Part coming-of-age memoir, part beach read, part pure trash, the best reason to tell a story is to connect with the other restless crazies out there.

I'm a lifelong writer, but have kept it private until now. Inspired by her musicians, I have gained the courage to publish my first novel, a romanticized version of my 20s. Through both storytelling and music, I try spark human connections in this crazy world because I love you ... behold the power of art.

I am currently exploring self-publishing and self-distribution and it's SO FUN to learn about. The book should be out Fall 2018.