"The Sunrise Calls It a Night"


About the book...

A coming of age romance novel set in the ‘00s of LA and NYC. From Hollywood nightclubs to Lower East Side bars, from the dance floor to the indie rock stage, follow Valencia Stone navigate men, dreams, music, and herself, with a dash of candid humor and bitter awakenings. Her relationship with Buzz unfolds in two cities as he transitions from big brother and protector of predators, to band member, to an unexpected love triangle with another younger man. “Bridget Jones” meets “Catcher in the Rye” meets “Less Than Zero.” Get ready for iPods, vanilla vodka, and self-tanner. Valencia would love the company or advice; the girl can be a hot mess. But give her a break she’s in her 20’s. Welcome where only the sunrise calls it a night.

I'm a lifelong writer and am now the head of a record label in NYC. This books aligns with many genres, including romance, YA fiction, music memoirs, sex drugs 'n rock and roll sexcapades, and the classic coming of age story. My ability to tell the true narration through life sets me apart. Written in real time then edited over the years, the book goes from 2003 - 2009 with intense character growth along the way and nuanced 00's references.

I'm seeking literary agents and publishers, and also exploring self-publishing and throwing myself a big old party.