There are two things that really blow my mind: science and music. I love music so much I made a career out of it. But I will remain in the “fan” camp of science (unless the barrier of entry drops), which means I get to marvel at our discoveries without having to learn a lot of Latin words. I suspect there are more like me out there, finding pleasure in both music and science while endlessly searching for the meaning of life and a way to fill the misfit void. Performing and listening to music connects us, but so does leaning about the theory of our genes calling the shots (cue the urge to procreate). Our minds get blown both in front of a live band, and learning about the symphony of cells taking care of business inside our bodies while we slam our morning coffee. Either way, we all need more “Woah!” In our lives. So take a break from your work emails, or cozy in bed with that edible, and come ride the wave of awesome.